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Essence, the new Toncelli kitchen in fossil wood 18.05.2016

The concept? A uber-modern piece of furniture that uses a material that dates back a thousand years. Essence is Toncelli’s latest offering for 2016, a product that brilliantly resolves the tension between history and innovation, while keeping the company’s philosophy in mind at all times. This kitchen contains history which is not exclusively the expression of consolidated craftsmanship, and innovation, intended as research of the best technical performances, the result of an evolution that takes its inspiration from the past.

The collection heavily features fossil beechwood combined with titanium steel finishings even used for the cooking surface. These two materials stand for history and innovation: beechwood takes us back to the past, but in order to be used properly and according to today’s standards, it requires titanium steel and state-of-the-art treatments. Certified by La Sapienza University in Rome, this material constituted a stimulating challenge for Toncelli, which chose to adopt it as the material of absolute prestige both in the door panels and surface top, creating a poetic combination between the richness of the product and technology. Thanks to the use of natural oils and the crystallisation that takes place through time eliminating porosity, these materials with a primordial appeal do not get damaged when cooking and do not absorb water, making them a practical and efficient thin support. The grains and tones created during the fossilisation process add an extraordinary layer of decorative quality that enriches and refines the sartorial design of Toncelli furnishings.

However, Essence does not limit its excellence to exclusive finishings: it also introduces an slick system that goes beyond the traditional recess/handle dichotomy: the door panel features the minimal lines of recess kitchens and the tractability of a handle, perfecting a solution which had already been introduced in the ‘Invisible’ design. This type of opening, made possible thanks to the hand-crafted processing of wood, is positioned horizontally in the bases and vertically in the columns, offering a kitchen with extremely clean lines.

These innovative contents can be duplicated thanks to Chef de Cuisine – the furnishing programme conceived to bring technology and professional kitchen performances into the home environment – which perfectly integrates this item.

A sculptural design, immersed in time yet paradoxically timeless, Essence is a project of great intellectual and sensorial value that arouses emotions through wood essences and confirms the craftsmanship of Toncelli, the Tuscan company specialised in creating highly meticulous and unique furnishings.

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