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ERIKA AND LICIA. Green proposals from ARAN Cucine. 19.09.2018

The fact that ARAN Cucine cares about sustainability is well known, since it won for 4 following years the award Green Brand, and also since it carried out one important project in collaboration with the architect Stefano Boeri, named OASI, a kitchen which with its wood, recycled from Venitian bricoles, and its silent hood and garbage compactor, express a particular care for the environmental and acoustic pollution issue.

But the attention and the love for the world we live in is a deeply rooted value, which inspires Aran company’s processes and production choices. With the certification FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) ARAN Cucine contributes to nature safeguard, shows its interest towards the environment, protects ethical values of those communities who lives in the forests and adopts a more responsible behaviour contributing with a sustainable use of planet resources.

The search of ecological and recyclable materials, is therefore very important to propose Green solutions, especially when it comes to kitchens, heart of every house and place where furniture choices are fundamental. In order to produce the model Erika, with its fresh and light design, ARAN Cucine chose PET, a recyclable plastic material, particularly ideal for food contact, thanks to its high hygienic standard. Used for the ‘Joint shelf system’, a shelf solution which allows to enrich the kitchen with a living element, or for the cabinets and doors, Pet harmoniously fits with the wide range of available finishes such as Cork Oak, Larch, Oak and soft minimal colours, conceived to meet any family’s taste.

Another important certification for the company is the regulation ISO 14001, which foresees an accurate management of energetic and natural resources, a reduction in emissions and a system of a more controlled and registered disposal of trash. A consistent example of this commitment is Licia, protagonist of a restyling for the Euro Cucina 2018, which performs the role of tradition in a contemporary key: the wooden doors recall the typical warmth of old days kitchens, but the lack of handles projects its aesthetic towards modern sceneries. Carried out in many different options, in order to fit in as many different environments, from the industrial lofts to the more elegant apartments, Licia cares about sustainability too, because all used paints are water based and with a very low emission of SOV.

ARAN Cucine confirms this way its commitment in the safeguard of the environment, offering Ecofriendly kitchens, especially conceived for those looking for flexibility, functionality, ethic and sustainability, in life as well as in furniture solutions.

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