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Balance and harmony for Larsen, the new sofa by MY home collection 29.10.2018

Larsen is the new modular sofa by MY home collection which redesigns the living room in a creative manner thanks to the myriad combinations of end elements and central elements, corner elements, daybeds and chaises longues.
The embodiment of a design concept that values impeccable workmanship and painstaking care for the smallest detail, Larsen draws the eye owing to its extraordinary simplicity and to the versatility with which it can blend in with the settings of a young and modern home. The ‘rounded’ shapes outline its design, the soft form-stable padding emphasises its comfort, while the skilfully accomplished stitching contributes to making it a unique item of interior décor, around which the most significant moments of everyday life revolve. The result of the lengthy experience of MY home collection in the field of padded furniture, Larsen consists of a wooden and steel frame, polyurethane foam seat cushions and a polyester fibre lining. The legs supporting the frame are instead in lacquered steel.

Like all the other padded products by MY home collection, Larsen also offers new and eclectic customisation experiences thanks to an extensive range of colours and upholstery covers, including fabrics, velvets and top-quality leathers.

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