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Enna and Veda. Sara Ferrari for Carpet Edition. 21.04.2021

Sara Ferrari is a young and talented designer who loves to investigate the most profound meaning of every object. Thanks to her continuous research, she designs interior decor accessories able to tell stories and recall cultures, creating collections which go beyond ‘beautiful and functional’. For Carpet Edition she has designed the Enna and Veda carpets, which have strong Oriental flare.

Collaborating with Carpet Edition, Sara Ferrari was able to reflect the attention that the company pays to the ancient craftsmanship techniques which are very rooted in India. Inspired by the culture of this country, she chose to create the Enna and Veda carpets, echoing the characteristic designs of Henna tattooing.   Ancient, rich with benevolent messages, and graphically captivating, they can be interpreted in this case as a symbol of the connection between the company and the Indian tradition.

Enna and Veda are hand tufted in wool and cotton. The first, circular, is characterized by an articulated concentric circle design; the second has an irregular form not only graphically but also in shape, immediately bringing to mind henna designs. Both carpets are available for personalization, with alterations applicable to color and size.

Comfortable and in natural fibers, the carpets by Sara Ferrari further confirm Carpet Edition’s ability to balance innovative design on one hand and artisanal craftsmanship on the other, without overlooking the need to offer products which are original, surprising, and can meet even the most distinctive style needs.

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