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Eivissa 09.03.2020

An extraordinary, fascinating ‘variation’ on the theme of outdoor canopies

Eivissa, the Catalan name for Ibiza, is the new gazebo hatched out of the creative design minds of Ludovica + Roberto Palomba and Ethimo’s passion for the great outdoors. Eivissa is an invitation to relax that conjures up the heat and sunshine of the Spanish party island, embodying a design culture that embraces trends and maximum practicality.

Cosmopolitan appeal and Mediterranean charm are the ideas behind this new solution for contemporary outdoor living, in settings that prioritise nature. Its large elegant structure can be fitted with accessories and elements that make it the perfect place to relax and enjoy the open air.

Terraces, verandas and gardens all become the natural extension of indoor rooms. Eivissa in fact, creates a seamless flow between interiors and exteriors and conveys the same sensations of comfort, warmth and shelter as a room in the home.

Eivissa goes beyond its practical purpose as an outdoor canopy, its design and materials turning it into a welcoming ‘place’, a cocoon of wellbeing with great looks that flatters its surroundings. Eivissa is a pavilion with ‘soft shapes’ thanks to the unusual, original ‘design’ of its posts and rafters. These generate a fluid structure with no sharp corners, the separate parts merging in a texture-centric whole. In powder-coated aluminium, Eivissa pavilion meets all user needs and decor requirements, thanks to its three different sizes and nine colour options.
The three different roofs also cover any functional requisite: Eivissa Open Air (pavilion without fixed roof), Eivissa Light & Proof (pavilion with polycarbonate roof) and Eivissa Climate (pavilion with roof in adjustable aluminium louvers).

Eivissa is a special cosy architecture featuring all the details and completeness of an indoor living room—outside in nature.

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