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The new Eidos Pro desks by Newform Ufficio 07.04.2022

The idea of smart office offered by the new Eidos Pro collection designed by Newform Ufficio expands:  if sound proof screens and the glass equippable desk dividers scan a vertical division of space, desks are designed to cut it horizontally, ensuring the safety distance required by anti-Covid measures for indoor spaces.

The concept of contemporary workspace launched by Newform Ufficio with Eidos Pro, aware of the importance of ‘’face-to-face’’ work, tries to facilitate all those activities that cannot be done remotely, without excluding the presence of virtual guests.  The choice to interrupt the style of “in-line” workstations led to the creation of more flexible solutions: the new Eidos Pro desks with electric or selectable lifting structure ideal for different workplace settings.

The model with electric structure allows you to continuously vary the worktop height from 62 cm to a maximum of 128 cm, via a simple side button and allows you to work sitting or standing. This is fundamental to counteract the tendency to sedentary lifestyle that often characterizes many office environments: hours spent in front of the computer can be spaced out by positions and moments when the body can be in motion.

Another proposal of the new Eidos Pro collection is represented by the desk with selectable structure.

Solution created with the aim of facilitating the operation of employees, who on average spend most of their time in the office, desks with selectable structure were designed as a first step to fit, from 62 cm to 86 cm, the most comfortable height for the user: the essential style and the size of the table top allow you to have everything at hand in an orderly manner, promoting practicality and concentration.

Eidos Pro design succeeds in telling an idea of organizational culture that can recreate safe and, at the same time, comfortable personal environments, in which it is still possible to work easily in teams. The identity of the Eidos Pro contemporary office is reconfirmed as a concrete response to the necessary change in the world of work.

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