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Ego and Atelier feature in a private residence in Naples 22.11.2022

A splendid apartment in Posillipo, recently renovated according to the design by Giuliano Andrea DellUva, is a ‘special setting’ for two elegant configurations of the iconic Abimis kitchens, Ego and Atelier.

The residence, which is part of a historical 1950s building designed by a pupil of Le Corbusier, overlooks the spectacular Gulf of Naples, revealing astonishing colours, atmospheres and views. In particular, it is the kitchen itself that enjoys this privileged view: a large, modern and welcoming space that expresses itself through the various shades of white that dominate the surfaces, giving it harmony and great light.

Designed to measure and made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel, the Ego kitchen is the main feature of the room.

The refined island configuration, with significant proportions, enables visual freedom and easy movement, facilitates the different cooking phases and offers more space for enjoying the kitchen beyond its vocational function, with a perspective that always makes it possible to relate to the surrounding spaces in a natural way. Ego’s typical flush bevelled doors have been interpreted here in a candid matt white finish, contributing to defining the chromatic balance and consistency that distinguishes the whole room. The island has been customized with a cooking and washing area, a work space and hood, which live together on the same plane, without any joints, and a dishwasher.

The predominant white colour is interrupted by a relaxing and energetic note of green/light blue chosen to ‘clothe’ the doors of the tall container units (including the oven) which complete the kitchen recalling the shades of the sky and sea, which can be seen from the glass doors that open onto the panoramic terrace.

To make the space even more functional, the owners ordered a second kitchen on the veranda side, an L-shaped composition of the Atelier line with a more rigorous and essential design, still made of AISI 304 stainless steel and complete with a washing and cooking area.

In their different configurations, Ego and Atelier suggest a welcoming, tidy and refined image of the kitchen, transforming it into a place where different functions live together, but always focusing on conviviality.


Abimis for a private home, Naples

Kitchens: Ego and Atelier

Photo credits: ©Carlo Oriente

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