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E.ion® System technology for the Gruppo Incasso 27.09.2018

Falmec offers the exclusive E.ion® System technology to recreate in the kitchen environment, through controlled bipolar ionization, atmospheric ions that naturally eliminate bad odours, restoring an optimal ion balance with a greater feeling of wellbeing and improved mood and concentration. E.ion® System, patented by Falmec, is now applied to the new version of Gruppo Incasso, a hood totally integrated into the wall unit that meets the current requirements of an essential and minimal design. Gruppo Incasso E.ion® purifies the air by drastically reducing unpleasant odours and substances potentially harmful to the body such as bacteria, viruses, molds and mites, ensuring extraordinary performance both in filtration and in the sanitization of environments. Gruppo Incasso E.ion®, like all hoods equipped with this technology, is characterized by a sensor that constantly detects the presence of pollutants, displaying the air quality in a leaf-shaped display that changes color from yellow (air to be purified) to green (purified air). Equipped with automatic mode, Gruppo Incasso E.ion® is activated by itself, purifying and sanitizing the air if the sensor detects a deterioration in the quality of the home environment, thus ensuring the maintenance of the best air at home at any time. Gruppo Incasso E.ion® is available in 50 and 70 cm sizes with 4-speed touch panel, motor with a capacity of 450 m3 / h and LED lighting.

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