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dukaversum 20.04.2020

‘Vertica’ a new staging in the duka showroom

dukaversum, the important exhibition hall conceived and designed by Bea Mitterhofer and Luis Rabensteiner, president of duka, inside the new company headquarters, renews the ‘Vertica’ area dedicated to outstanding products, such as pura R 5000, princess 4000, multi-S 4000 and gallery 3000.

dukaversum is the innovative experiential showroom born from the desire to ‘stage’ the four sections in which the duka catalogue is divided: Quadra, Vertica, Aura and Arreda. An exhibition as extraordinary as it is rigorous, offering a clear and concrete panorama of the entire collection.

All of duka‘s know how is conveyed through four environments, each of which reveals a special interpretation of the products in its very own way.

Just as living trends change and evolve, duka wanted to re-interpret the ‘Vertica’ area, which features shower enclosures characterized only by the presence of Vertical profiles – modern and intelligent solutions that arise from the perfect balance between beauty and functionality.

The new staging exudes an atmosphere of unmistakable metropolitan charm, thanks to the furnishings, coatings, colors and objects. It emphasizes the ability of each shower enclosure to upgrade every bathroom with ease, whatever its style. The ‘Vertica’ shower enclosures have a visual upward dynamic in common, generated by the presence of vertical aluminum profiles that engender clean, elegant and highly stable products.


The dukaversum concept won over the high-profile jury panel at the German Brand Award 2019, and held its own amongst over 1000 participants from all over the world. With two nominations from the Berlin jury for the innovative, technologically sophisticated and aesthetically-pleasing showroom, duka took 1st place in the “Architecture and Buildings” category, and received a special mention in the Year” category.

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