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duka XXL: double size, double relax 26.04.2016

duka produces an average of 135 XXL shower enclosures per week, an interesting data confirming a trend more and more evident: people choose for their bathroom spacious shower enclosures, sacrificing sometimes other fitting elements of the space indeed.


The shower enclosure as a star of the bathroom then, like a real stage to indulge in intimate moments of comfort and relax, with architectural scenes accommodating even two people at once. Bright and airy openings, which expand the space, in line with the latest trends of the modern living.


Realized to assure maximum safety and reliability, duka shower enclosures are modular and can be combined in different collocations, to fit in every bathroom style and to satisfy every customers’ desires.

Transparent glasses can be replaced, on demand, by colored glasses or by serigraphy glasses, without alu profiles or with only the vertical ones, or with profiles all around the glass, as a precious frame.

And in presence of any architectural obstacles such as front walls, sloping walls, recesses, gradients and similar, duka is able to realize fully customized solutions, with millimetric precision.

To ease the cleaning of the shower enclosure, duke uses the ProCare glass which, thanks to a basic treatment of metal oxides by maximum efficiency, becomes hydrophilic and anti-corrosion , able to avoid the ‘droplet’ effect, and limiting the limestone localization such as the formation of spots and halos.

A better and brighter appearance for a longer time, with particular attention to the actions of daily life, even and especially on large surfaces .

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