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Duka, space-saving shower enclosures for furnishing small contemporary bathrooms 21.11.2022

The wide range of Duka solutions makes it possible to satisfy not only different habits, lifestyles and tastes. Even for different living needs, as in the case of small dimensions, it is possible to exploit the space with solutions that make it more liveable and visually larger, without sacrificing comfort and practicality.

Duka shower enclosures with bi-folding doors are the synthesis of an elegant formal and expressive balance and represent the ideal, convenient and functional solution for enhancing small rooms. In fact, they reduce the clutter of the opening doors, especially in relation to the surrounding furnishings, such as washbasins, sanitary ware or other accessories. They also improve the interior space and entrance of the shower enclosure.

Duka shower enclosures with this type of opening are available with or without profile and can be mounted on the floor, on a shower tray or on top of a bathtub. The special Duka hinge gives you the maximum flexibility when opening your enclosure, adapting best to the available space.

Starting from specific technical and structural needs, choosing a shower enclosure with wall profiles, such as stila 2000, allows you to create original and elegant colour combinations with the furnishing project. On the other hand, a shower enclosure without profile, such as pura 5000, is aesthetically lighter and increases the perception of space.

Shower enclosures for ‘small architectures’ are, therefore, designed and manufactured to ensure an optimal result, both in terms of aesthetics and technical performance. Duka once again confirms its hallmarks of reliability and safety.

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