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duka: industrial revolution with the new libero 3000 finishings 17.09.2018

Iron, wood, exposed brickwork, pipes and grunge details, exclusively for large and airy spaces: the industrial architecture of the past few years has proven to be the generator of irreproachable philosophies in style, and has meet with ever-growing success. The last word in trend at the moment, in a clear echo of an overseas lifestyle, is the ‘industrial style’ which, in “tough luxe” style, skilfully blends contemporary elements with vintage details to create surprising spaces with a strong character, well-suited to every room in the house.
For the bathroom, duka now presents the latest finishings for libero 3000, a free-standing unit with a geometric silkscreen print on glass, reminiscent of the wrought-ironwork typical of industrial architecture. The effect is incredibly realistic, with an audacity which brings character to the ambience and positions the shower firmly on centre stage, the undisputed star of the bathroom.

libero 3000, in 6 mm or 8 mm glass and a standard height of 2000 mm, is available in six or eight-square panelling. The glass panel support bar is mounted to the side profile, which closes the grid effect in one smooth, continuous whole, giving a clear-cut, clean result.

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