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duka revolutionizes the profile of natura 4000 19.02.2018

As nature transforms, so does duka’s desire to give life to great emotions, with ever more technically detailed products.

The model series natura 4000, presented in 2016 is made in its unique way by the clean shapes and the stability due to the 6 mm safety glass. Furthermore there are different handles for each solution. The unique technical innovations, all developed by duka, increase safety, longevity and performance.

In 2018, natura 4000 is growing, expanding to a new form, like an element of nature that grows more aesthetic in time. The main features that made it a high-performance and competitive collection remains, but simultaneously existing designs disappear and so revolutionize the duka program completely.


The introduction of the upper profile, that also acts as a hinge and short supportive arm, rends the cabin even more minimal and reduces the presence of metal to a minimum. This particular hinge-profile combination responds effectively to the aesthetic needs of a market that requires increasingly pure and minimal shower cabins, mainly focusing on a free and plain glass surface.

Despite its small size, the new detail supports the weight of the door, respecting the high safety standards and longevity that have always characterized duka products. The new cabin comes in two different types of opening system: pivot and pivot/folding door, both available as a niche or corner solution, coming to a total of four new models.

As the name suggests, it pivots on two pins that are located at the top and bottom of the frame. This system allows easy opening of the large door even in relatively tight spaces. An innovative solution in terms of design and functionality. The new natura 4000 offers solutions not only for spacious bathrooms, but also smaller spaces or angles with structural barriers.

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