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duka, the shower enclosures that ‘illuminate’ the bathroom space 26.04.2021

duka, always attentive to the evolution of contemporary living trends, suggests new, often surprising
experiences for relaxation and daily well-being.

duka offers some of its most iconic shower enclosures in the version with chromium mirror glass. These solutions of great aesthetic impact illuminate the bathroom area and turn it into a wellness space.

The chromium mirror glass transforms the shower enclosure into an elegant, harmonious, welcoming and luminous piece of architecture. Thanks to its design, the reflective surface is not only capable of changing the spatial perception of the environment, but also able to confer character and a greater visual incisiveness.

Shower enclosures with chromium mirror glass become furnishing elements capable of interacting with light. They transform the bathroom into a dynamic place with a strong personality, surprising in the simplest function of reflecting the image.

Chromium mirror glass is manufactured by means of a complex vacuum chrome plating process, cathodic spraying and with no application of silver or aluminium onto the surface. The new finish does not affect in any way the performance of the glass, which can be tempered and treated to offer resistance to watermarks and limescale. When showering, the ‘mirror’ allows you to enjoy the surrounding light and space without sacrificing privacy: the shower enclosure is thus confirmed as a pleasant oasis of relaxation and intimacy.

Design, comfort, product customization and performance features are the aspects that make duka shower enclosures with chromium mirror glass the perfect solution to enhance the bathroom environment, making it exceptionally spacious.


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