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Minimal design and contemporary atmospheres meet the charm of baroque architecture 05.10.2021

Abimis is featured in a noble historical residence located in the heart of Lecce

A charming apartment located on the top floor of a splendid 14th century palace, richly decorated with frames, friezes and bas-reliefs sculpted out of the traditional Lecce stone, houses an elegant orbited version of the kitchen Ego.

The residence, which has a panoramic terrace offering a spectacular view of the Salento city, has a charming aesthetic impact and full functionality in a contemporary key. To create a charming contrast between the architecture, the rigorous elegance of Lecce baroque and the interior of the house, the owners wanted to give each room a contemporary and minimal image, giving life to eclectic but extremely comfortable environments. Bright ‘total white settings’ and a high level of living comfort have thus enhanced the furnishings, design objects and 1950s and 1960s vintage pieces, exalting the works of art.

The kitchen is the place in the house that reveals the most surprising stylistic contrast between ancient and modern: the combination of vintage accessories with the steel of the Abimis Ego kitchen, ‘framed’ by the walls, the visible beams of the saddle roof and white floors, accentuate the style of the entire space.

Fully made of AISI 304 stainless steel and made to measure in order to respond to the owners’ needs, Ego is available in a wall mounted version with a distinctive design, thanks to the ‘hot’ and opaque hand-orbited finish, ideal for reducing the visibility of scratches and fingerprints.

Doors with rounded corners and flush edges integrated into the structure, invisible pivot hinges, ergonomic handles with a brass finish, a recessed skirting board for conveniently accessing the entire depth of the work space, a hob and sink area that are housed together on the same top without any gaps – designed to guarantee hygiene and practicality – are the details that transform this domestic kitchen into a highly performing and charming ‘element’ from the aesthetic point of view.

Materials, smart technology – like the refrigerated drawers – and design therefore make Ego into a kitchen that can functionally (and ergonomically) organise the space, evoking a new kind of minimalism and emphasising the atmosphere of the space that hosts it.


Abimis for a private residence in Lecce

Photo Credits: Max Zambelli

Post production: Accent Barbiero

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