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Understated and timeless design for new creativity in the kitchen 21.10.2020

The superior functionality of the Atelier kitchen by Abimis plays the starring role in an elegant home in Este.

A contemporary mood and sophisticated atmospheres distinguish this private home near Padova, a dwelling where the settings, the objects, the furniture and the decorative elements that define it generate a fascinating styling impact, suggesting feelings of welcoming comfort.

Starting with the kitchen, which hosts a large, bright dining area opening onto the living room, every single room has been designed and built to guarantee the utmost comfort and domestic bliss.

Here, an unprecedented wall-mounted version of Atelier creates styling and functional continuity with the rest of the house, its special configuration emphasises the value of the act of cooking in all its phases and offers not just new creativity, but also a new means of customisation in contemporary kitchen spaces.

Its composition entirely in AISI 304 stainless steel – a biologically neutral metal that does not release any substances onto food, is corrosion-proof, built to withstand temperatures of up to 500° C and is 100% recyclable – along with the fully bespoke production, not just in terms of dimensions, but also in terms of the user’s requirements and movements, envisage unique details, characteristics and innovative equipment, which are traditionally used in professional restaurant kitchens.

Atelier, in orbitally-polished finish and with a recessed plinth in mirror-look polished stainless steel, which lends the entire block an extraordinary “floating” appearance, retains the typical squared doors and the simple yet striking and formal design, combined with the characteristic ergonomic handles of the iconic Ego kitchen.

The kitchen is completed by a range of tall units – with matt black lacquered doors, a recessed base unit again in mirror-look polished stainless steel and Ego handles – with refrigerator, oven and storage compartments for food and utensils, which supplement the cooking and washing areas.

The tailoring approach of Abimis to its bespoke kitchen designs and the brand’s experience in processing stainless steel are revealed in this context not just in the block and tall units, which are entirely built to suit the owners’ needs, but also in the construction of the frame of the large, industrial style dining table: the solid wood table top is in fact supported by two impressive mirror-look stainless steel elements. The perfect example of how two aesthetically contrasting materials can generate a high scenic impact.

The Abimis kitchen is also completed by A_ccessori, the line of modular, multi-functional objects – made in steel, beech wood and borosilicate glass – created to offer additional tools of the trade for those wishing to cook at home like a professional chef with greater customisation in their kitchen.

Atelier turns the kitchen into a functional, welcoming, versatile and… creative place, guaranteeing maximum hygiene and safety as always.

Abimis for a Private Home, Este

Photo credits: Matteo Cirenei

Project by: Architect Lisa Corte

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