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Unlimited decoration 11.12.2023

Wallpaper is one of the main characters in the design of contemporary contract spaces.

There are no limits anymore: the use of wallpaper ranges from room ceilings to facades, from bathrooms to kitchens, also dehor and bedrooms. This wallcovering conquers any surface, being the best decorative solution to infuse personality into every location.

Whether it involves restyling, renovation or a new interior project, wallpaper material is a key element that can define a space and its perception, inspiring the atmosphere.

WallPepper®/Group through constant technical and creative exploration, brings very large images into private space and even in contract one with a completely tailored result, transforming walls into unique and original storytelling.

In addition to its aesthetic and to the natural ability to evoke and spread emotions, the WallPepper®/Group wallpapers are a project tool that is both creative as versatile, able to address various functional and practical needs thanks to the range of certified materials offered.

Indeed, WallPepper®/Group, with its wallpaper provides numerous opportunities to enhanced and define the setting functionality through different ways, according to the contest of application features:

– improve the efficiency of a room (thanks to sound-absorbing, water-resistant, antibacterial materials);

– allow for the tally customization of the space on personal taste and on project aims;

– permit to realize custom solution (the images on the catalogue can be customize in color and, also, it’s possible to realize special design together with the Creative Team in order to offers a variety of decorative ‘unlimited’ possibilities);

– assist in creating emotional and abstract atmospheres (for example relaxing graphics for the bedrooms or more energy ones for a working space);

– ideally divide a space visibly, creating different areas in one only room without the need for additional physical walls;

– conceal wall imperfection or structural flaws; – accentuate the broader interior design project;

– provide easy installation and removal, this allowing quick changes and greater flexibility in design.

Thanks to these features, WallPepper®/Group wallpaper are a crucial element in the indoor (and outdoor) planning, above all in the contract field where the wall decoration becomes an ideal solution to add value, convey the history and culture of the location, and, last but not least, enhance the functionality of the space.

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