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Decorate and excite with WallPepper® 25.10.2019

The WallPepper®, with their emotional and decorative strength,  design every kind of spaces, residential, contract, hotel, with amazing graphics, brilliant and always different.

The WallPepper® are realized just with natural materials, eco friendly, PVC free with green and fire certifications. All the wallpapers are realized as tailored dresses, they are customized to reply to any technical and decorative needs.

Thanks to their features, the WallPepper® are not only a decorative solutions, but a real ‘support’ for residential and contract projects, which ensures performance.

The quality of the materials, creativity, technologies and sustainability are mixed to create special walls in every space, both indoor & outdoor. An additional value to the WallPepper® is also the easy set-up, thanks to an ad-hoc production technology that allows to have invisible joints just by placing one roll after another one, creating unique images.

Among aesthetic suggestions and fascinating atmospheres, the WallPepper® respect the architecture and the functionality of all the different projects, making them safe and well-being spaces. The sustainable aspects, together with the fast production timing and the easy set-up, make them the perfect solution to customize both residential and contemporary living spaces.

WallPepper®: customized design and emotions

Could we still call it wallpaper?

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