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Making the shower enclosure a unique piece of art 15.09.2021

duka proposes innovative and refined variants of screen-printed glass to offer new possibilities for personalising the bathroom space.

Nebula, Nubes and Parsol grey Privé are the new duka finishes that are designed to transform the shower enclosure into an elegant, harmonious, inviting and luminous piece of architecture that not only changes the spatial perception of the bathroom, but also adds character and visual impact thanks to its design. All finishes offer privacy while still allowing sufficient light into the shower area.

Nebula is characterised by a central satin-finish silk-screen printing on the glass that fades both upwards and downwards. Thereby, it transmits a feeling of freshness and airiness to the bathroom. Nubes, on the other hand, is the silk-screen printed finish that starts at the base of the shower enclosure and runs along the glass, diminishing its intensity by fading to the top. This ‘fade’ creates a surprising scenic effect. The third finish, Parsol grey Privé, features a graphite-coloured silk-screen printing in the centre of the glass, which lends the shower enclosure a particularly rigorous and sophisticated look.

Regardless of the finish, duka exclusively uses tempered safety glass, which is characterised by high resistance to impact, thermal rejection and increased resistance to perforation and bending. Therefore, duka glass is designed to preserve its quality, in terms of resistance and beauty, for a long time.

The three finishes Nebula, Nubes or Parsol grey Privé, turn every duka shower enclosure into a stylish element dedicated to well-being and daily comfort, a high-performance solution capable of enhancing the bathroom furniture and defining the mood of the environment.

Designing the contemporary bathroom space means giving life to new trends. It is precisely for this reason that duka with its many proposals for glass, expands the possibilities of customizing the bathroom and hence fulfilling the specific needs of the residential sector or the hotel industry.

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