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Cut on Demand: customizable rugs from Carpet Edition 24.02.2021

Architectural features, structural extravagances, the need for space, personal taste: these and many others are the reasons more and more often it has become essential to opt for custom made furnishings and accessories. Carpet Edition has long recognized this need and has been providing custom solutions to the market for quite some time, launching the Cut on Demand family, a series of rugs which are customizable in form and size.

Starting with a wide range of models, there is also the possibility to select a mother roll and cut or compose a rug according to specific needs. Aside from customizing the size, you can have it cut into various template shapes or wall-to-wall, and also combine different colors to obtain unique compositions.

Cut on Demand carpets are produced mechanically using advanced technology, delivering consistently perfect results in a short delivery time. For instance, in the case of mechanical weaving, suited for the production of flat-woven rugs, a computer controls the movement of hundreds of very fast moving spindles and monitors every detail of production. Mechanical tufting is also entrusted to a latest generation robot, capable of moving rapidly in any direction creating an infinite number of designs and shapes.

Materials used range from polyester to polyamide and include polypropylene and PVC, technical fibers traditionally used in the field of textile production. They are extremely resistant, elastic, hypoallergenic and are easy to maintain, making them ideal for everyday use carpets.

One of the more particularly original rugs among the Cut on Demand collection from Carpet Edition is Origami, designed by Emanuela Garbin and Michela Boglietti, machine tufted and later cut and assembled with Velcro.

Using technical expertise and production, Carpet Edition is able to offer customized solutions which are at the same time readymade: the ease with which it is possible to realize the carpet and the rapid delivery time, in fact, make the Cut on Demand family a winning response to the ever growing number of custom requests from clients, architects and designers.

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