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High-impact kitchens 08.11.2021

‘Abimis red’ lends an air of new energy and vitality to the contemporary kitchen

The kitchen is a flexible space, a place that needs to accommodate and satisfy a variety of requirements, both in terms of context, functionality, performance and ergonomics, as well as in terms of design and personal taste, an aspect which is also expressed through colour.

Customising a kitchen with colour means transforming it into an item of interior design with a strong visual impact, one that is often ‘scenic’, capable of expressing the style of its inhabitants and of emphasising the mood of the entire home. Every nuance brings to mind different sensations and can change the perception of a space, contributing towards enhancing its depth or brightness, and it can define its various activities.

The styling appeal of Abimis kitchens for passion is thus also expressed through colour.

In particular red, as well as affording a more immediate and surprising visual effect, in Abimis kitchens becomes a colour with a strong communicative and identifying value, a “factor” capable of creating an atmosphere and of rousing a pleasant sense of warmth. From the brighter lacquered finish, which reflects light and creates a mesmerising game of reflections, to an intense, sophisticated and stylish matt finish, Abimis red is a colour that “clads” the kitchen with originality and makes its surroundings special.

Chromatic sensitivity, understood to mean the distinguishing feature of contemporary interiors, reveals the ability on the part of Abimis to customise any project, also in terms of colour. With a stainless steel core, the exterior surface of the kitchens can be painted glossy or matt in any shade of the RAL range and what’s more, painted elements can be combined with other elements in orbitally polished or satin finish stainless steel, giving rise to charming colour contrasts. To guarantee the best performance levels, in terms of durability and colour fastness, the stainless steel used for Abimis kitchens is painted using the same techniques implemented in the automotive industry to ensure uniform results and wear-resistant colour.

This means the kitchens can be fitted inside or outdoors, while keeping the styling appeal intact.

Thanks to colour, Abimis kitchens become a sophisticated, cosmopolitan and creative ‘story’ that is reflected throughout the entire home.

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