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Open-air kitchens #4 11.05.2021

Two private homes, one in Greece, overlooking the Gulf of Patras, and the other in Sicily, in the enchanting setting of Mondello, play host in their respective outdoor settings to the Ego and Atelier kitchens by Abimis, suggesting new possibilities to shift the versatility and quality of a professional kitchen to the outside, along with unprecedented, often surprising, ways to customise the open-air settings to suit individual tastes and requirements.

Ego was picked to ‘furnish’ the villa in Patras, a modern building, somewhat compact in size, surrounded by a large, well-shaded garden. This welcoming and stylish summer home is mostly developed outdoors: the interior consists solely of a bedroom, complete with a miniature SPA, and a living room that opens up fully onto the garden where the dining area and the kitchen are fitted under a large portico.

Ego, made of stainless steel and customised to suit the owners’ particular needs, was produced with the orbitally polished finish by hand, a particular process that reduces the visibility of scratches and fingerprints and lends a particularly warm and refined appearance to the kitchen, making it ideal for an outdoor solution. The characteristic bevelled flush doors integrated into the structure, together with the ergonomic handles, the recessed plinth and invisible hinging pivots make Ego the perfect line for cooking outdoors, where dirt and dust settle more easily.

The starring role of the home located just a stone’s throw from the main square in Mondello is instead played by Atelier, produced in a version that will definitely not go unnoticed: stainless steel and lemon yellow, a lively and extraordinarily bright hue that lends the kitchen a unique and original personality, capable of setting the style for its surroundings.


The choice of this particular colour to ‘clad’ the kitchen doors, perhaps a tribute to the land of citrus fruit, reveals Abimis’s ability not only to customise any project from a colour perspective – the outer surface can be painted glossy or matt in any RAL colour – but to do so with techniques and materials capable of guaranteeing the best performance, in terms of durability and hard-wearing resistance. Indeed, the stainless steel of Abimis kitchens is painted using the same techniques applied in the automotive industry: after the paint is applied, the process envisages subsequent phases of smoothing and polishing to guarantee a uniform effect and a colour that is highly resistant to wear.


Fully bespoke to accommodate the owners’ desire for a kitchen offering professional performance levels, yet compact in size, Atelier is a monoblock measuring just 180 cm in length that comprises a cooking area, a washing area, an under-counter refrigerator, a storage compartment and two practical deep drawers. Retaining its typical squared doors and the meticulous, elemental and formal design, Atelier has been equipped with an orbitally polished stainless steel wall panel that not only protects the workspace – the kitchen is fitted up against one of the villa’s perimeter walls – but also
incorporates a magnetic strip onto which the ‘tools of the trade’ can be attached.

The two outdoor concepts feature different aesthetics but they share the same ‘heart’. Ego and Atelier are made entirely in AISI 316 stainless steel, an alloy which – thanks to the addition of molybdenum – proves particularly suitable for ‘life’ in settings that are rich in salt air and which makes the kitchen resistant to changes in temperature and to all weather.

Ego and Atelier, in their respective configurations, also share the same desire to ‘release’ the concept of the kitchen from its primary function, to turn it into a genuine item of decorative design, valuing a setting and encouraging sociability, striking the ideal balance between aesthetic styling, comfort and top performance.


Abimis for two private homes: Patras (Greece) and Mondello (Sicily)
Photo credits: Matteo Cirenei

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