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In a world that keeps on changing, sometimes even ‘uncertain’, flexibility and functionalitybecome essential in the design life. In a range of furniture solutions full of accessories conceivedto be ‘timeless’, ARAN Cucine breaks the rules and presents Cover, a unique kitchen, customizable and always renewable.

Peculiarity and plus of this kitchen is the special registered trademark door, made with an LPL panel and a metal sheet, which acts as a support for the many graphics which can be printed on magnetic PVC films. As actual covers, the films adhere to the cabinets surface very easily, giving max possibility of customization, together with huge possibility of renewing. It takes just a few steps to revolutionize face and style of your kitchen: you just need to choose the graphics, the colour, a drawing, or even a photo, the company will print your films and you will have a new look for your kitchen just as it was your smartphone., without any structural intervention.

Prototypes and industrialization of this door, which can be combined also to other ARAN Cucine collection e elements, required the work of the whole company, able to manage internally the making of the system which is technologically more advanced and more suitable for carrying out this project.

Cover adapts like a chameleon to user’s needs and tastes, answering those demands ofuniqueness and change, of young, dynamic and modern families.

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