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Cosmo 08.02.2024

Ethimo and Studio AMDL CIRCLE present Cosmo, a new dimension for outdoor living in harmony with nature.

With Cosmo, Ethimo and Studio AMDL CIRCLE tell the story of a ‘nice’ idea for outdoor living, a design concept that aims to express the most harmonious aspect of the relationship between architecture, man and nature, where design is the metalanguage that dialogues with the environment.

Cosmo is the shading pergola that makes the landscape liveable, teaming elegant contemporary aesthetics with the ability to recreate the same sensations of comfort, warmth and cosiness that can be enjoyed inside the home. Cosmo meets a desire to create a private space, an ‘indoors out of doors’ that can be used in any season and at any time of day, furnished with lounge and/or dining sets as required.

Its large-scale architecture fits beautifully into a variety of outdoor settings to create an intimate, protected, privileged perspective of the surrounding environment, enhancing the connection between people and vegetation.
The sturdy columns that make up the structure are in brushed teak, the perfect material for outdoor use and one that lends an organic eco-friendly allure to the entire project. The roof comprises cast aluminium ‘branches’ that stretch outwards to support the fabric awning. Cosmo is fitted with built-in LEDs, which as well as ensuring the correct lighting in the evening reflect on the fabric to create a fabulous relaxing atmosphere, making the whole structure cosier.
With the largest version measuring 270 cm in height and providing more than 4 metres of shade thanks to its 320×320 cm awning, this shading pergola is a flexible modular system offering various configuration options, adapting to the space available.

As part of Ethimo’s constant striving to improve outdoor comfort through design, Cosmo represents an additional dimension of wellbeing, an invitation to relax and socialise in the open air. With Cosmo, Ethimo and Studio AMDL CIRCLE have created an architecture that combines function and form, capable of dialoguing with the landscape and enhancing it seamlessly.

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