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Corner Office, your personal space 25.06.2018

A revolutionary ‘hybrid’ system designed by Pablo Designs to work in any environment

The office is no longer the only space dedicated to work. In fact, over the last few years, with the advent of new professional regimes, it has been joined by less conventional places that allow you to work remotely in comfort. Often, however, working in what can be called a real ‘mobile office’ or in a coworking space, means facing some inconvenience that sharing involves. Just think of annoying noises or the ‘lack of privacy’ during the performance of a job or study.

For these reasons Pablo Designs has created Corner Office, a ‘hybrid’ system that redefines the personal space by combining three elements in a single solution.
Designed by Peter Stathis and Michael McCoy, Corner Office is made of a set of fabric sound-absorbing panels, reversible and interchangeable for different possible configurations, available in sizes 39 and 79 cm and in turquoise, chestnut, stone gray and anthracite colours. Equipped with a dimmable and angular LED source, this innovative system features integrated USB ports to recharge portable devices such as laptops, smartphones or tablets at any time. An optional pocket also allows you to store these and other small items or accessories.

Thus, Corner Office revolutionizes the concept of privacy by defining personal space in dynamic environments.

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