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Toncelli has the perfect piece of furniture for every “bad habit” 21.11.2016

Irrespective of which actor played him, James Bond has always been famous for being an incorrigible flirt and a stylish gentleman who loves poker, accompanied by a “Martini, shaken but not stirred”, good wine and a good smoke. These are not actually bad habits but rather passions, and they have earned him that formidable charm that has made him an evergreen icon the world over.

Toncelli wanted to interpret these very passions with its Wine Tall Unit, Cocktail Tall Unit and Cigar Tall Unit, giving the successful man the opportunity for pure pleasure within the confines of his home. The three pieces of furniture, which were designed to celebrate the company’s 50th anniversary, can in fact be enjoyed in company or during some valuable me-time, to indulge in one’s favourite habits in peace and quiet.

The Wine Tall Unit is a design that conceals the concept of a wine shop, featuring a wine cellar, the partitioning required for bottles, the tools required to open and taste wine and a handy removable shelf on which to place vintage wines. On the exterior, the doors feature the drawing of a vine at peak ripeness, achieved using the laborious inlay technique; on the inside, they are instead equipped with various types of wine glasses, ready for use. With a sophisticated mechanism inspired by the history of French mechanical furniture dating back to the 16th Century, the user can therefore reveal the heart of the Wine Tall Unit, a genuine treasure chest containing a crystal decanter illuminated by a small LED spotlight.

The Cocktail Tall Unit, which is decorated on the exterior with an imaginary view of Manhattan, is the realm of would-be barmen. Once opened, it reveals all the usual functionality of Toncelli creations, accompanied by the wealth of materials. Leather-lined shelves house 18 customised glasses whereas surfaces, bases and pull-out volumes contain specific utensils, ice buckets and champagne buckets, a complete cocktail kit, a wine cellar and a coffee maker.

Last but not least, the Cigar Tall Unit immediately conveys its function: the doors – again inlaid – portray a composition of traditional ‘Tuscan’ cigars, surrounded by the ingredients which traditionally gravitate around the ritual of smoking. In the upper part of the cabinet, two humidors guarantee perfect storage conditions for cigars using the Peltier method; underneath, pull-out shelves made of wengé can be used to store glasses, a smoker’s kit, chocolate and playing cards, chips and dice. A storage unit with a curved revolving door is placed in the centre of the cabinet for storing liqueur bottles.

Three pieces of furniture, three “bad habits”, three exclusive wood processes: with Progetto50 Toncelli has created exquisitely masculine microcosms in which to find gratification, at home, after a hard day’s work.

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