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Naive 2020 Collection 11.06.2020

Extraordinary concepts and contemporary spaces

WallPepper®/Group presents: WP/Collections2020

Naive is the collection able of taking imagination on any space’s walls, not just into environments designed for children. Naïve is an injection of fantasy.

Wallpepper® graphics from Naive collection are ”tales” about amazing worlds and suggestive scenarios, sometimes extravagant, about enchanted places and mysterious creatures, fairytale places, charming architectures that come to life through colours… Where everything, absolutely everything, is possible.

 An extraordinary creativity enliven walls, through joyful images, cheerful motifs, original drawings and an exciting riots of colors, from pastel tones to intense and vibrant bright shades, Naive graphics form imaginations and decoration becomes an engaging and thrilling element to reinvent interior design.

‘Imagination will take you everywhere’ – Albert Einstein

WallPepper®/Group, tailored design and emotions
Could we still call it a ‘wallpaper’?

WallPepper® are decorative surfaces with unlimited expressive and functional possibilities. Expression of a high
quality Made in Italy, they are made only with natural, eco-friendly, PVC-free and certified materials, to meet any
decorative need.

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