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Ethimo Collection 2017 27.01.2017

Skill and professionalism, passion and enthusiasm: with the new catalogue 2017, Ethimo expresses its ability to constantly reinvent itself, collection after collection, asserting its signature contemporary Mediterranean style in
outdoor design.

For the new season, Ethimo presents a collection that reveals a creative and conscious approach to materials, their combination possibilities and their expressive potential.

Fibre, metal, natural and pickled teak, painted mahogany and stoneware effect, together with special fabrics treated with cutting-edge technologies, come together to give life to solutions that define the new trends in open-air living.

One of the absolute novelties is the use of a stoneware effect for the tops of the Play and Esedra tables. An unusual finish in the Ethimo collections, extraordinarily resistant to scratches and heat and capable of evoking the same sensations aroused by real stone.

The main protagonist and ‘icon’ of the 2017 collection is Esedra, the furniture line that springs from the alliance with Luca Nichetto. Tradition and innovation, in perfect balance between form and function are in fact its basic characteristics: Esedra re-evokes the beauty of classic forms, combining four different and 100% outdoor materials in one single product and ensures extremely high performance.

The 2017 catalogue presents itself as a collection of amazing images, a succession of extraordinarily beautiful settings that recount the Ethimo world and the emotion it conveys through its furniture.

The company continues to communicate its very own “Mediterranean style” and passion for contemporary design, which is increasingly expressed through more refined forms and materials. Ethimo furnishes outdoor spaces by offering all-round solutions, versatile and functional, in which warm and innovative materials give life to contemporary lines that play with a tradition that is constantly evolving.

In 2017 Ethimo also pays new attention to colour, which has always been a leitmotif of its collections. Bright, original colours give life to elegant, vibrant and unusual combinations. The careful use of colour, which enhances many of the ranges, becomes a distinctive feature of the product, from the Warm Red finish of the Swing seat to the Olive Green of the Nicolette armchair, the shades of the parasols and the intense colours of the seat cushion fabrics.

Quality materials, original design, regard for the environment in the form of sustainability and attention to details are thus the essential elements of each Ethimo collection, revealing new and emotional ways to live the outdoors.

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