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Circle.Tech collection by Falmec 23.03.2017

Circle.Tech is the new filtering hoods collection by Falmec, which matches perfection, harmony, advanced technologies and a modern, captivating design.

Hoods are an essential element in keeping a clean and healthy environment in the kitchen: just think of the odours, moisture and grease that get collected while cooking. Faithful to its functionality, Circle.Tech hoods merge suction and filtering in a single device, maximising performance, taking up less space and giving designers new and original possibilities.

Unlike traditional hood, Circle.Tech system develops horizontally: outflowing air is processed by a filter placed around the motor and evenly distributed. The circular shape ensures the largest filtering surface , an excellent suction performance and low noise. Thanks to the exclusive Carbon.Zeo filter, which mixes activated charcoal and zeolite – the ideal material to absorb organic compounds and moisture – Circle.Tech hoods have a double capacity in odour removal, compared to regular filtering systems.

This way, Circle.Tech products go beyond the simple hood and take the double role of design furniture and light sources with integrated LED systems. Some models were designed not only to light the worktop, but also to give a warm ambient lighting solution, giving an elegant and comfortable atmosphere in the the kitchen.

The Circle.Tech collection is made of island hoods Sophie, Dama, Materia, Soffio, Vetra and Loop


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