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Catellani & Smith Release 09.20 01.09.2020

The Release 09.20 brochure of Catellani & Smith presents new and exclusive creations which play on the dichotomy between black and white to enhance the simplicity of the design and their technical and technological innovations. Bendable flex, branching elements and magnets characterise the new Vi., CicloItalia Flex and U. lamps that transform lighting into a ‘flexible’ and completely personal concept. A contemporary take on two classic lamps of the Oggetti senza Tempo collection, the models in the Vi. and CicloItalia Flex range look to the past with inspiration, providing fertile ground for research and experimentation.

Vi. is defined by two rods reaching upwards, and it is available in the Vi. F floor lamp and the Vi. W wall lamp versions, both characterised by an ‘independent’ semi-cylindrical fully rotating screen, inserted at the top of the two rods and held in place by magnets.

Instead,  CicloItalia Flex includes both the C6 ceiling lamp, with six flex that rise from a cylindrical base, unwinding into a ‘dance’ suspended in the air, and the F3 floor version, composed of three rods from which three brass flex terminating in metal spotlights branch off. The range also includes the CicloItalia Flex W1 and W2 wall lamps. The first is designed as a bedside lamp with bendable flex, spotlight, and on/off switch, while the second features two flex and two spotlights.

U. is a lamp with a distinctive minimal design, available in the U. F Up and U. F Flex floor versions, and wall lamps U. W Flex and U. W with low voltage COB LED light source.
Inside its semi-cylindrical screen, U. F Up hosts the silhouette of a dancer with magnets at the base, which can be positioned anywhere on the metal plate in the screen. With a smaller screen than the Up model, U. F Flex features a brass flex for pointing the light in the direction of your choice, as does the U. W Flex wall version.
Finally, another wall lamp, the U. W model presents a joint that enables the semi-cylindrical screen to rotate, designing a beam of light on the wall.

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