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Catellani & Smith opens the new showroom in the heart of Bergamo 01.12.2021

The new Catellani & Smith showroom is set to open its doors in Bergamo, in Borfuro 1, right in the heart of the city. Moving well beyond the concept of a simple exhibition space, the showroom will also offer meeting and co-working facilities for customers and architects, as well as the new Italian sales office. Designed by Capponi General Contractor, who took care of the layout, and by the interior designer Francesca Ravasio, the showroom is spread over three levels, totalling almost 500 square metres.

Catellani & Smith’s new “home” is more than just a new store in the heart of Bergamo’s Lower Town. It has been conceived not only as a place where customers can view the company’s products, but also as a meeting place for architects and other figures in the sector. The spacious, clear distribution of the areas is able to meet both the current and future requirements of a company in continual expansion on the international market.

On the ground floor, with the main entrance in the gallery, the large open-plan area features an inviting living area and an area with meeting rooms. Visitors will have the opportunity to evaluate the details, finishes and delightful light effects of the lamps selected for display, which will be changed several times throughout the year. The furnishings and the layout of the areas have been designed to create an atmosphere that makes guests feel at home – rather than on a visit to a store – when they step into the showroom to view the lamps and receive advice for their purchases.

Located on the upper floor are the new sales offices for Italy, which have moved here from the headquarters in Villa di Serio, in response to the growth registered on the Italian market. A spacious room will be used for meetings with customers and Italian agents. The basement floor will be reserved for corporate events, exclusive previews of new collections, training sessions and further training workshops for international trading partners, or installations and exhibitions. The industrial-style structure will allow for continual changes to the facility.

The Catellani family, which remains firmly at the helm of the company founded by Enzo Catellani in 1989, has brought great enthusiasm to this new property investment, creating a building that enhances the city centre as well as responding to the needs of the company. Thanks to the new showroom, Italian and international partners and customers will have the opportunity to get to know and admire the beautiful Lower Town.


Catellani & Smith Showroom

Via Borfuro 1 – Bergamo

Opening 8 December 2021


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