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Catellani & Smith Inspiration 08.07.2020

Contract, ho.re.ca, private residences: for over 30 years, Catellani & Smith has been part of important projects, both in Italy and abroad, with its wide range of lighting fittings. The lamps presented in the catalogue in their standard version, as well as the custom solutions, ‘tailor-made’ to meet the most varied needs of space and style, present the peculiar features of a production, whose ‘raison d’etre’ is based on craftsmanship and on the uniqueness of each piece. In such a context, it is of fundamental importance to maintain a relationship of trust and collaboration with architects and clients. This is the reason why Catellani & Smith commits itself strongly to support its interlocutors in selecting the lamps that best suit their needs, by presenting a new project that takes the name of Inspiration.

Inspiration is a collection of renderings, created in collaboration with Truetopia (www.truetopia.it), which visualize the company’s lamps set in several types of spaces. With Inspiration, imagination takes shape and shows how Catellani & Smith’s lamps are suitable to a wide variety of different spaces, such as exclusive hotels, restaurants, clubs and bars, theatres, museums, private homes and many more. Inspiration is a tool dedicated to visualize and help find the best solution that meets your requirements.

A luxury hotel

The first rendering displays the interiors of a luxury hotel and a selection of Catellani & Smith lamps, set into its spaces, starting from the main hall. In the reception area, a composition of PostKrisi 65/66/67 fiberglass spheres in 40,60 ad 80 cm diameter overhangs the reception desk, on which is visible a Lucenera 500 table lamp, in white technofibre. A sculpture-like Sottovento, whose flexible brass arms can be twisted and shaped in different ways, decorates the hall.

In the bar area, the rendering shows the majestic Macchina della Luce and a Gold Moon Chandelier. The former, in a five-disc, gold-coloured leaf finish version, enhances the coffered ceiling and illuminates the lounge and cocktail bar areas. Gold Moon Chandelier, composed of irregular golden discs, is suspended over one of the tables. A row of Lederam W in white and gold-coloured leaf finish decorates the walls, while CicloItalia F illuminates the tables.

Continuing to the upper floors, Petits Bijoux in 28 and 56 LEDs versions illuminate the large staircase that leads to the bedrooms, together with gold-coloured leaf finished Stchu-Moon 01 floor lamps, whose LED light sources are hidden by steel spoons. Luce che Dipinge, which belongs to the timeless and historic collection Oggetti senza tempo, decorates the boiserie that covers the walls along the stairs up to the ceiling and creates drawings of light on its white canvas. The same model has also been chosen for the rooms.

Inside the private apartments, the rendering displays CicloItalia F floor lamp that matches its table version CicloItalia T, set on the bedside tables. In the living room of the apartment, the magical eclipse of light and shadows Alchemie T and the golden hemisphere PostKrisi CW that creates a fringed lighting effect on the wall complete the setting, together with a Colonna, whose gold- colored leaf finish is clearly visible from the slit of its cylindrical structure, made of untreated iron.

Finally, the Sypha outdoor collection plays the leading role in the terrace, illuminating the vegetation and perfectly integrating into the green. Syphasera and Syphasfera lamps are well complemented by Medousê glass spheres, here presented in the green finish that merges into the natural ambience. The portable and battery-operated table lamp Giulietta BE, which can be switched on with a simple and delicate touch of the hand, is the final touch to the setting.

Credits: Styling and render by Truetopia (www.truetopia.it) – Instagram: @_truetopia_

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