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Catellani & Smith: the value of “handmade” beauty 22.09.2021

An object is by definition inanimate. Human beings provide it with a function and a role in the world. Some remain there, in a strictly practical state. Others “come to life”, becoming conduits of thought, silent but effective messengers of their creators’ word. That is the approach Catellani & Smith has taken from the very beginning, way back in 1989. The company gives a voice and a spirit to its creations, transforming them into objects that can “speak” and interact with their users and environments. Catellani & Smith’s lamps are born in their workshop-laboratory along the banks of the Serio river, where parts, technological components, and materials like brass, aluminium, fibreglass and industrial glass are collected, becoming a source of inspiration and fertile ground for constant experimentation. Production uses exclusively artisanal methods, which represent the cornerstone of the brand’s values and identity: a virtuous business model that supports the beauty and quality of “handmade” things.

A beauty made all the more precious by its uniqueness. Thanks to that very craftsmanship, a process that eschews any industrial moulds, each lamp is one of a kind – shaped by the hands of an artist, with all the “imperfections” that go with it. Unique pieces to be handled with care, with specific and meticulous operations that require particular dedication. Suffice it to consider the numerous production models that are decorated with gold, copper, or silver leaf, for example the sculptural Macchina della Luce, or the distinctive “foam” composition inside the Stchu-Moon collection, or the many hand-painted lamps like Sorry Giotto and the clever interweaving of aluminium wire in the iconic Fil de Fer. “Attention” is the keyword that describes the approach taken during all phases of the lamp’s construction, right up until the moment when the Catellani & Smith stamp is applied to its finished packaging.

The soul of Catellani & Smith lamps is the fruit of the passion and dedication of a company made up of people, with values linked to tradition alongside technology, looking to the future without compromising its identity.

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