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Carpet Edition welcomes summer with a new collection – Foliage. Design: Studio Romani Saccani Architetti Associati. 21.06.2021

“To bring ‘soft carpets of leaves’ inside inspired by the changing colors of the Seasons” is how architects Michele Romani and Mauro Saccani describe their vision when designing Foliage, the new collection produced by Carpet Edition.

Four rugs make up the product line, each dedicated to one season of the year, and represents the debut of Romani Saccani Architects in the area of textile design. Their many years of experience in designing spaces and interior accessories has always been guided by the need to transmit a sense of authenticity in the simplest things, where simplicity is not meant to be something trivial, but the refusal of any excess and the capacity to elicit emotion. Thus, collaborating with Carpet Edition, a collection has been created which intertwines fantasy and concreteness, and does not sacrifice a fresh, young ‘pop’ spirit, even in the quality of the fibers and craftsmanship.

Leaves are the inspiration of the designs, from botanical cataloging to their actual form. Stylized profiles of different leaf varieties trace the contours of the rugs, different from each other in their margins, geometry, sizes and colors. The latter, selected with care and attention, evoke the different shades and hues that slowly, with the changing of the Seasons, transform the vegetation. To launch the new Foliage collection, the first rug that Carpet Edition has selected to present is Summer, a lively and bright homage to summer, defined by the architects as a “sophisticated stratification of exotic and tropical varieties on a sunny and bright color scale, suspended between the sky and the sea”

The profile of the rug is reminiscent of the typical leaves found in lush virgin forests, and its saturated and contrasting colors recall the warm climate of summer. The central axis, like a leaf’s median vein, becomes a border for two different methods of workmanship, which is necessary to give two opposing textures.  The right side is pile in New Zealand wool, while the left side is bouclé: the contrast between the softness of one and the consistency of the other, knowingly designed and produced, is a fundamental detail to transmit the same tactile experience as when you touch a leaf, smooth on the top and rough or rippled on the back.

With the new collection Foliage, Carpet Edition and the architects Romani and Saccani have succeeded in offering a ‘decor & trend’ interpretation of the emotions associated with the changing seasons. The story will continue with three other rugs respectively dedicated to autumn, winter and spring

Ph. Credits: Mattia Aquila


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