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Bulbi, new geometric shapes in dialogue with nature. 29.03.2022

Ethimo and Studiopepe have created a new collection of vases to furnish and complete outdoor spaces.


‘Bulbi is a family of concrete vases with clean-cut simple lines, inspired by the archetypal shapes of the containers. The individual sculpted elements can also begrouped together to create new totemic shapes. The name,” says Studiopepe, “refers to both their shape and the concept of nourishment, of growth and therefore of nature, in the purest sense of the term. The colours chosen evidence their almost primitive texture.”

The Bulbi collection comprises six vases in different shapes and sizes that can be used either singly or together in groups, or even as handy occasional tables, in an original reworking of the most classic use of this furnishing accessory.

Artisan craftsmanship gives their surface an unusual texture, emphasising just how solid and uniquely imperfect each element is, each one imbued with unrepeatable aesthetic qualities.

Their unexpected modularity and the Mediterranean mood of their warm natural colours makes them versatile decorative articles, perfect for defining any setting and lending personality to any outdoor design project.

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