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Bross: the new table Amalong is designed by Giulio Iacchetti 28.04.2016

Its catchword is versatility, the result of the best Italian craftsmanship tradition. With Amalong, Giulio Iacchetti scored the second episode of his collaboration with Bross, radically changing the ingredients of the recipe: if Ademar suggests a collection of important tables, with generous dimensions, almost statuesque with their elliptical or round shape, Amalong wants instead to be an eclectic project, attentive to the different needs of use.

This collection was created imagining extendable tables with essential profiles, which can solve with elegance and with a ‘fair share’ of trend the increasingly demanded theme of size variation. And it is from this opportunity of transformation that comes the name ‘Amalong’; of Lombard origin, it was chosen specifically for the connections between “long”, as the length is its distinguishing feature, and “she loves” because the table leg leaves a curious heart shape footprint.

The wooden structure of the product draws a light frame that hides the two extensions: so the possibility to change its configuration is not perceptible and Amalong demonstrates an impeccable design, contemporary and streamlined. Its uniform aesthetics – emphasized from a 45 ° cut of all the horizontal and vertical elements that trace a perfect match – persists even when the table is open, with the result of a doubled capacity.

The extensions can be removed from the two short sides of the table: the wooden structure that contains them opens up like a book and becomes the natural continuation of the long sides. Thanks to the use of two deep bevels in the solid wood, the extensions can be fixed to the structure guaranteeing the necessary stability, without causing any material or spatial disruption to the plane.

The sophistication of Ademar collection, with its finishes in precious wood essences and marble, makes room for Amalong, a product with more vivid and young tones, able to interpret the contemporary living and its demand for more dynamic solutions.

While Giulio Iacchetti greatly changed the image and product features, giving a new interpretation to the table, Bross confirms its attention and research in wood processing, with solutions aimed to emphasize the precious tactility of materials, with the support of sophisticated technological devices.

Dimensions: 220×100 cm, with two extensions of 83 cm; 180 x 85 cm, with two extensions of 70 cm.

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