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Bross presents Wam, the new collection designed by Marco Zito 01.10.2018

“Wait a Minute”: this is the meaning of the acronym “Wam”, which gives its name to the new Bross collection designed by architect Marco Zito. A complex project, which includes lounge chairs, armchairs, benches, poufs, and coffee tables that can fit in residential environments, but find its ideal location in the areas dedicated to waiting and relaxing: hotel halls, a museum atrium, or even offices, restaurants …

Aesthetically, the elements of the Wam collection wink to the urban metropolitan style, characterized by a metal base in black finish or brushed bronze, with four elongated legs that discreetly welcome the generous volumes of the shell and padded parts.

But what gives incredible value to the Wam collection is the possibility to combine different fabrics and colors, to create unique combinations suitable for any style and environment. For example, you can choose a printed fabric to wrap the padding and a plain colour for the shell, two shades of the same colour for both elements, to create some movement, or two colors in stark contrast with each other, for a result of strong character and visual impact. Wam can be declined in many ways, as can its technical devices that make it an extremely comfortable complement, designed for correct posture, perfect for “waiting a minute” … or perhaps even more.

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