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Bross offers maximum versatility with the new table Mika 11.07.2016

Elements from the Far East meet the quality of Made in Italy: this is the philosophy of Mika, the new table designed by Michael Schmidt for Bross harmonizing formal Japanese minimalism with a precise attention to detail. The name Mika is a special  reference to the world of Japan and its traditions: Mika is an abbreviation of Mikado, the name of the world-renowned game where each player has to pull wooden sticks out of a pile without moving any others.

The design resembles a set of Mikado rods, remaining vertical for a moment before tumbling in a pile to start the game. Mika is designed with a bundle of slender black metal rods arranged vertically at different angles that bind the perpendicular trays at both ends. The metal base is always black lacquered, whilst the table surface is crafted in oak stained, lacquered or in Phoenix black. The resulting pleasant contrast of materials creates a very elegant finish.

The radial finishing of the two trays makes the table a complement of sophisticated refinement, ideal both for home and professional environments. The coffee table can be placed close to a sofa or an armchair, creating a comfortable surface for working, reading or dining. The wide range of uses reaffirms the link to the Empire of the uprising sun, where functions assigned to furnishing and living spaces change throughout the day. And that, above all, underlines the ability of Bross to create innovative products employing specialist furniture crafting techniques.

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