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Bross furnishes Spaces co-working offices in Paris 30.05.2017

‘Spaces – your place to work’ is a project born in Amsterdam which has more than 50 co-working spaces around the world and in 2017 has also landed in Milan.

Spaces offices are designed according to work-sharing philosophy and, above all, to adapt to any work style and type of independent activity. The rooms and furnishings are arranged and selected in such a way as to accommodate start ups or existing companies, independent meticulous workers or disordered creatives, as well as people or groups who organize many or more individual meetings, always on the phone.

For this reason, large common tables overlook cozy sitting areas, private offices, meeting rooms and dining areas with coffee tables, reading chairs, tables, desks and benches, in indoor environments or on large terraces.

In this sense, the choice of furnishings can only be a direct consequence of the concept of the project, influenced by the fact that it must be necessarily flexible, reliable, durable and versatile, usable by everyone and especially suitable for any taste and personality.

For one of its Parisian environments, just off the Opéra National de Paris, Spaces chose some of the proposals from the Bross catalogue, designed to furnish with style the offices and more general the contract areas. Ava collection seating, with or without armrests, are lined up in the most varied pastel colours, combined with the vague Scandinavian spirit and a generous result of stunning and stimulating dynamism.

The essential lines of Ava, which recall the visual cleanliness of the space architecture, are then enriched and made unique by the upholstery, with seams that emphasize tailoring quality and the attention to details by Bross.

For those who work in the office the comfortability of the seat plays a key role, for this reason it has been crucial the choice of a single product designed for the most different people and personalities. To this end, the fact that Bross has been selected for the project is another proof of how its furnishings are truly adaptable to different tastes and uses; how to describe them, in a word, quality.

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