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Bross furnishes a corner of Paris in Dubai 05.02.2019

Chez Charles is a corner of France in the center of Dubai: a declaration already expressed by the name and which becomes concrete, in a refined menu inspired by the flavors of Parisian gastronomy.
The environment itself is a warm reference to French brasseries, dominated by soft colors, large mirrors and a clever use of lighting, aimed at creating a familiar and welcoming atmosphere.
Elegance, style and comfort, for these reasons, have proved to be fundamental criteria when these furnishing accessories have been chosen. This is the case of the seats, in the reception and the restaurant area, for which the designer has chosen to rely on Bross and in particular on his Break collection, in the seat, armchair and stool versions, and in three different colors.
Break, designed by Enzo Berti, is characterized by enveloping lines and a strong attention to detail: an example is the refined and precise work on the fabric, with thin vertical seams that create a symmetrical play of curves and volumes. An element with a strong identity, which alone adds value to the simple mise en place provided by the restaurant; an example of how Italian design, appreciated all over the world, is a symbol of refinement and timeless elegance.


Bross Italia: www.bross-italy.com

Project by AAC Interiors

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