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Bross for the Helsinki City Hall 22.10.2018

The Helsinki City Hall Cafeteria is a refreshment place attached to the city hall of the Finnish city and open to all citizens, in line with the idea of ‘community’ typical of northern European companies.
Located in the heart of the historic center of the capital, a few steps from the presidential palace, the restaurant is developed according to the dictates of Scandinavian interior design, with clean lines and predominantly neutral tones, interspersed with few colors and soft warmth of wood.

To furnish the environment, Bross Italia supplied the Romilda chairs, designed by Giulio Iacchetti and developed with a wider backrest of the Gisa chair, presented in 2016 by the company.
A singular exercise in style and an example of mastery in woodworking, Romilda is inspired by the Nordic language of the 50s, for her compact look and the slenderness of her volumes, highlighted only by a thin leather padding, here in cognac color.


Bross Italia: www.bross-italy.com

Credits: Kristiina Michelsson

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