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Bross for #Cloud.Paris, an impressive Parisian Business Center 03.09.2018

#Cloud.Paris is today the headquarter of the most important companies of the so-called ‘new economy’, in the heart of the Parisian Silicon Valley of the Arrondissement, but has its roots in the history of the French capital. Born as a complex of four different buildings, in fact, was unified only in ‘900 by request and need of the central bank of Lyon. Inside these spaces we also find Bross, who with his iconic Break seats, designed by Enzo Berti, has furnished one of the internal restaurants. The thin seams on the padded backrest, which define a play of lines and volumes, deliberately recall the stuccoes that decorate the walls, offering an interesting connection between architecture and interior elements that live in it. A refinement that demonstrates a strong sensitivity to detail from the designer, and made possible only by the artisan skills in the processing of materials by Bross, a great example of Made in Italy.

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