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Bross decorates Mutti headquarters 24.01.2017

On one side there is a historical building, a brick barn with a rhythmic facade by arches, on the other a curved building, without angles and plastered red. To join these two volumes, to which the different functional purposes shall be assigned a thin blade of steel and glass, thin and permeable, which takes in all respects the role of conceptual and spatial connector of the complex. The headquarters of Mutti offices, company known around the world for processed tomatoes, it is born from the balanced juxtaposition of architectural forms and the ability to synthesize the old and new in a single gesture.

Paolo Bedogni, the architect in charge of the project, moved with the purpose to harmonize the seventeenth-century building, a unique example of industrial archeology, with requirements imposed by the contemporary workplace. Efficiency, rationality but also relationship with history and with the surrounding landscape are therefore the terms that define the headquarters in the province of Parma, opened to the cultivated areas that surround the offices.

The concept developed by architect is also confirmed by the choice of Bross sessions, that combine the craftsmanship of the details and methods of traditional processing with innovative solutions, especially in ergonomics and finishes. The lobby, the fulcrum in which we find the three key elements of the project, is in fact furnished with Ava lounge chairs, designed by Michael Schmidt and characterized by a particular shape that ensures aesthetics without time, where comfort and lightness are the exclusive features.

Their finish, with shell completely covered in black leather and wooden structure of the same color, makes it a discreet accessory that fits perfectly in space.

Designed by Enzo Berti, the Bee seating are used for meeting room: they have been chosen also with fully upholstered seat in black leather and metal chromed sled base, they reinforce the language that drives the entire intervention, sober and elegant in every detail.

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