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Boldini, coffee table 01.07.2024

The ‘sculptured’ coffee table by Ethimo turns mini

Bold, the dining table with exceptional material expressiveness, inspired by megalithic architecture, transforms to conquer a new dimension, both in shape and use.

Boldini coffee tables maintain the character of the original project, but have been reinterpreted in different sizes and intense and bright colours, which highlight the sculptural spirit and high quality craftsmanship. Boldini’s new tables are suitable for furnishing outdoor lounge areas, providing the opportunity to create different arrangements and original combinations alongside the many other lounge items produced by Ethimo.

The tabletops, available in three ‘soft’ shapes (dimensions: 160 cm x 110 cm H 38 cm, 100 cm x 100 cm H 28 cm, 38 cm x 42 cm H 28 cm), are created in Rosso Francia or Verde Guatemala marble or Sand-coloured travertine, available in a bright glossy finish that accentuates the beauty and natural veining in the materials. The glazed ceramic legs echo the colours of the tabletops and their shiny effect, adding dynamism and cohesion to the overall design.

The tables can be standalone, to add a touch of colour to their surroundings or they can be grouped together as a unique, suggestive and colourful triptych, thus providing the option to create personalised arrangements.

The attention to detail, choice of materials and variations in colour, which aim to be an explicit reference to the nuances of nature, the tones of the earth and Mediterranean flora, make the new Boldini coffee tables distinctive pieces that add character and charm to outdoor environments.

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