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Bijou. Technology and design. 21.09.2020

Research and innovation never stop in ARAN Cucine. In 2020 the company launched interesting innovations on the market, often making important restyling even of the most iconic models, aware that to meet the tastes and needs of the new generations it is necessary to know how to continuously renew oneself.

Bijou has always been an ‘evergreen’ model: versatile, customizable, durable. In addition to the numerous configuration possibilities, it offers a wide range of materials, finishes and colours, matched and manufactured with the utmost care and technical knowledge. This year the collection has been enriched with new elements, improving a catalogue already rich in proposals and solutions.

With a strong visual impact, the composition in Grés Cava Noir Desir and multilayered HPL Legno Rovere Barrique finish extends over the space creating absolute continuity with the living area. Emblematic feature of ARAN Cucine’s constant research is the door selected for the modules, the island and the columns, that is made of an internal frame- thus invisible – made in aluminium and 18 mm thick, on which a panel of only 4 mm is mounted. A technical solution that makes the door lighter but exceptionally resistant. A different choice for the wall cabinets in the living area that, instead, are made with Jhon aluminium frame: in this case it is visible, and the glass is inserted into the channel of the extruded profile.

The working centre of the composition is the island which attracts the attention for its decorative detail with a ‘marble look’ and for its marked functionality: while grés is a material that perfectly suits the kitchen, thanks to its high resistance and waterproofness, design also allows a new space management. In fact, the open shelf from the back of the island turns into a comfortable base as well as a top for the snack table, then it is ‘lightened by’ a a transparent glass support in the final part.

Thanks to an unexpected ‘material language’ and innovative technical solutions, different market segments can find in Bijou an answer to always different tastes and needs, also relying on the quality of a 100% Made in Italy product and on the entire ARAN Cucine’s production capacity.

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