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Bigger, more hard-wearing and more sustainable. The upgrade of DecorOpal! 11.10.2022

What DecorOpal has undergone is a genuine upgrade!

High-quality glass, lacquered with organic paints with a high degree of environmental sustainability, enters the production line with new sizes: the slab size reaches 2550 x 3210 mm in size (compared to the previous of 2000 x 3210 mm).

An international leader in the satin finish, decorated and coloured glass market, OmniDecor is recognised for its absolute quality in paint colour customisation.

The possibility of DecorOpal, unprecedented in the slab size to date, allows you to have large-size surfaces which you can use to obtain smaller modules. An essential prerequisite for its use in settings relating to the furniture, windows and doors and partitions industry, thereby catering to the needs of the world of accommodation and residential architecture too.

The DecorOpal 2550 x 3210 mm format will officially be presented during the Glasstec trade fair in Düsseldorf, Germany, from 20th to 23rd September 2022.

Upgrade is also upward because the DecorOpal production line has now been entirely automated thanks to a new, recently installed plant. This guarantees complete control during production, which translates to more efficient processing with less energy consumption and higher product quality.

Based on the assumption that production waste is a common element in all production processes, the recent plant that OmniDecor designed to meet its specific needs aims effectively to manage the supply chain with the goal of eliminating waste products.

Through ongoing research, experimentation and the development of multiple projects, OmniDecor reaffirms its focus on energy efficiency and the reduction of waste materials, leading the brand to be ranked among increasingly green companies.

This is a path that OmniDecor had already embarked upon and which, today, is taking another step forward to help the environment: from sustainable solvent-free paints to organic, even more environmentally-friendly ones which can be used in certain specific productions.



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