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Bellatrix 20.06.2024

Bellatrix, the new lighting creation by Catellani & Smith, shines bright like the star of the same name from the Orion constellation.
Bellatrix is a wall lamp with a diameter of 120 cm, available with two different patterns on the irregular surface of the disc, hand-crafted with the utmost care using a procedure exclusive to Catellani & Smith, and subsequently coated, again by hand, in gold-coloured leaf.
This new lighting creation is available in two versions: one in which the pattern features a movement of hand-drawn radial lines, and a second on which a swirling pattern is visible.

The disc of the Bellatrix model is lit with 9 dedicated LED boards, built into a brass rod with a diameter of 10 mm, supported by a flexible brass arm to direct the light as desired.
The interplay of the light with the irregular gilded surface, together with the indirect light effect typical of Catellani & Smith lamps, ensures comfortable lighting, making this lamp ideal for creating an ambience replete with charm.

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