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Bamboo Shaded 22.09.2020

Deep knowledge of tradition, craftsmanship, patience, passion: these are the secrets that allow Carpet Edition to create carpets in which design always meets ancient techniques of processing. Among the many proposals Hand Made of the company, the collection Bamboo Shaded surprises for the suggestive yarn effect, able to capture and make you lose your gaze among countless shades.

Available in eight different colours, Bamboo Shaded carpets are made of 90% bamboo and 10% cotton with the loomknotted weaving technique. The weft, consisting of a single long thread, is passed through perpendicularly to the warp to create the braid and the fleece, and so, making a dye polichrome, you can give life to enchanting games of light and shadow, every time unique.

The own qualities of natural materials such as bamboo and cotton repel dust and mites, avoid the pilling effect, make the carpets resistant even in case of underfloor heating and give them a extraordinary level of comfort. The choice of colors, from the colder Greige, Sage, Ice or Stone, to the warmer Black, Brick, Mustard or Alga, makes the Bamboo Shaded collection versatile and adaptable to any style; almost a classic without time, original for the touch of light given by the shades and precious as can be only what is handcrafted.

The grace and simplicity of these carpets, combined with the deep technical wisdom of Carpet Edition, have made the ideal starting point for another collection, Bamboo Design. A project made with the collaboration of Emanuela Garbin and Michela Boglietti in which to the loom weaving is added a delicate carving work to create interesting three-dimensional effects.

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