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Autumn cuddles with Alma Design 05.10.2016

The weather is slowly getting colder, days are getting shorter. Here is fall again. No more walks in the park, pic-nics on the grass or movies under the stars. If summer is about living outdoor, with the new season, people go back to their domestic refuge.
We dream about reading by the fireplace, 5 pm tea, soft fabrics and objects that are able to cuddle their owners. Furniture, in the first place, is called to convey all those “home sweet home” feelings that we all want to find once we walk in from the front door.
With X Pouf Alma Design creates the ideal element for colder days. A comfortable seat that can easily be moved to find space in every corner of the house, near the fireplace or in front of a window. It also doubles as a footrest where to lay down for maximum relax and as a support where to place a book or laptop while you are sitting on the carpet.

Designed by Mario Mazzer and part of the big family of the X collection, X Pouf is characterized by a structure that recalls, as the name suggests, the shape of the letter “X”.
That is a detail that makes the product recognizable, enhancing the accurate project study that preceded the prototyping, and then, the realization phase.
The seat, instead, appears as a soft cushion upholstered with fabrics and leathers from Alma Design Sample Book which also includes the choice of velvet in different colours and the elegant vintage leather.

Versatile, compact, but above all comfortable: X Pouf fills the house with all those sensations that make us feel in a welcoming and safe nest.

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