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Atelier, a kitchen worthy of a chef 19.07.2023

The Suites at Palazzo Segreti, an exclusive boutique hotel nestled in the centre of Milan, in the lively and buzzing Porta Garibaldi district, welcomes its guests in the manner befitting a large residence: sophisticated apartments furnished with all modern conveniences, where every guest can enjoy full privacy, and communal spaces dedicated to relaxation and sociability.

In this special ‘hub’ of Milanese hospitality, which achieves the ideal synergy between hospitality and entertainment, bringing together public and private settings, Atelier by Abimis constitutes the focal and ‘social’ element of the Palazzo’s large kitchen/dining room, a welcoming place where customers can try their hand at the hob or where on occasion professional chefs entertain guests with curious and surprising show cooking sessions.

Andrea Campi, a chef from Valtellina by adoption, brought his culinary prowess to Palazzo Segreti and the Atelier kitchen, in a configuration that affords the utmost freedom of movement for the cook, promoting sociability during the preparation of dishes, became the ideal tool to express it

Atelier is configured here in the form of a long rectangular island with streamlined silhouettes, squared, handle-free doors, slender grooves and a razor-blade profile worktop, which are all characteristics that bring to mind the typical design of large professional restaurant kitchen installations. Made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel, the kitchen is defined by a generously-sized worktop, cooking and washing area, oven, refrigerator, compartments and pan drawers for storing food and various tools of the trade. The kitchen also ‘extends’ into an alcove, occupied by the refrigerator and where a second cooking and washing station has been set up, complete with wall units above, and a module fitted with pan drawers and wall-mounted shelves.

In this particular setting, which ideally joins a ‘family’ feel with hospitality and cooking, Andrea Campi succeeded in showing off his art thanks to the use of a kitchen design to be installed in domestic settings, yet capable of delivering the same functionality and performance as a professional kitchen.

Indeed, Abimis kitchens are the result of a study of a cook’s movements and needs around the kitchen to offer bespoke solutions, in terms of styling, size and efficiency, to those who are passionate about cooking. The main objective, in addition to being able to rely on a high-performance product, is to simplify the 5 steps of cooking – preserving, preparing, cooking, dishing up and washing up – making them straightforward and consequential.

This aim is backed by all the other characteristics which make every Abimis kitchen a professional concept: they are entirely customisable, made in the same stainless steel used in restaurant kitchens, they guarantee maximum hygiene and ergonomic design, allowing the optimisation of spaces, functions and activities, and they are designed to accommodate a wide variety of appliances.



Abimis for the Suites at Palazzo Segreti, Milan

Kitchen: ATELIER

Chef: Andrea Campi

Photo credits: Matteo Cirenei


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